Plenary Lecture 1

Monday, 15 May 2017, 11.00am – 11.30am

Prof Dr Florentinus G. Winarno

Task Force Coordinator of Indonesian Academy of Sciences

“Scaling Up Nutrition and Health in Indonesia – Past to Present”

Plenary Lecture 2

Monday, 15 May 2017, 2.30pm – 3.00pm

YBhg Datuk Dr Lokman Hakim Bin Sulaiman

Deputy Director General of Health (Public Health), Ministry of Health Malaysia

“Nutrition Scene in Malaysia – The Past, Present & Future Challenges”

Lokman Hakim S graduated with a medical degree from National University Malaysia, Master in Public Health from National University Singapore and PhD in Medical Parasitology from National University Malaysia. He is a Fellow of Academy of Medicine Malaysia, Academy of Medicine of Singapore and Academy of Science Malaysia. He is an Adjunct Professor of Public Health, International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur. He is currently the President, College of Public Health, Academy of Medicine, Malaysia.

He serves in various national committees related to health, science and social matters. At regional and international level, he is the national Focal Point for International Health Regulation, Focal Point for ASEAN Senior Officers Meeting on Health Development, Member of the Steering Committee of the Islamic Conference of Health Ministers, OIC and had served as Member of Malaria Advisory Committee WHO Geneva and Scientific Ad-Hoc Committee for WHO-Tropical Disease Research. He was recently appointed to a 3 years term (2017-2019) as a member of the WHO Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework Advisory Group.

Plenary Lecture 3

Tuesday, 16 May 2017, 8.30am – 9.00am

Dr Rodolfo F. Florentino

Chairman-President of Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, Inc

“The Growth of Nutrition Activities in the Philippines: Lessons Learned and Challenges for the Future”

Dr. Rodolfo F. Florentino is the Chairman-President of the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, and is currently a Council Member of the Southeast Asia Public Health Nutrition Network. He is also a Scientific Adviser of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Southeast Asia Region and currently the Coordinator of the Philippine ILSI Committee. He is a Fellow of the International Union of Nutrition Sciences, a Fellow of the Philippine Association for the Advancement of Science, and member of the National Research Council of the Philippines.

Dr. Florentino was recently the Vice President of the Philippine Association for the Study of Overweight and Obesity (PASOO), the Task Force Chair of Exercise is Medicine™, and Past President of the Osteoporosis Society of the Philippines (OSPFI). He was the President of the Philippine Association of Nutrition for two terms in the past He has served as Consultant or Temporary Adviser to UNICEF, WHO, FAO, as well as to various national agencies such as the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, National Statistical Coordination Board, among others.

From 1974 to 1983, he served as Deputy Director of the Nutrition Center of the Philippines, and from 1983 to 1997, he served as Director of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI). Over his long involvement in the nutrition field since 1958, he has been engaged in basic and applied nutrition research and in nutrition policy formulation, planning and implementing nutrition programs and interventions, and has participated in one way or another in the Philippine nutrition program and activities. Dr. Florentino holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Sto. Tomas, Manila, and a Ph.D. degree in Nutritional Biochemistry from Vanderbilt University, USA.

Plenary Lecture 4

Wednesday, 17 May 2017, 9.00am – 9.30am

Prof Dr Kraisid Tontisirin

Senior Advisor of the Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University (INMU)

“Nutritional Policies and Strategic Plan Development in Thailand – Challenges and Experience”

Kraisid Tontisirin is an Emeritus Professor, Mahidol University and a Senior Advisor of the Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University. He currently is a member of the National Food Committee and the Chairman of Planning Committee to prepare the Strategic Framework for Food Management in Thailand. He had involved actively in policy planning, research and development, and capacity building of the successful nutrition program under the “National Poverty Alleviation Plan” since the eighty.

Prof. Kraisid Tontisirin served as the Director of Food and Nutrition Division, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome, Italy from 2000-2006, the Director of the Institute of Nutrition Mahidol University from 1991 to 1999 and the Vice President of Mahidol University on Planning and Research from 1987-1991. He was a Professor of Pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University from 1983. His education and training included M.D. with honor from Mahidol University, PhD in Nutrition from M.I.T., pediatric training from Vanderbilt and Harvard Universities.

He received numerous recognitions and awards including the Most Distinguished Thai of the Year in 1999 from the Royal Thai Government, Dusadee Mala Kem Silapa Vithaya (the most distinguished medal in recognition of the contribution in art and science for Thailand) from His Majesty the King in 2005, and Breast Feeding Promotion Award from UNICEF and Ministry of Health. He received the American Dietetic Association’s Frances E Fischer Lecture Award at the 15th International Congress of Dietetics, Yokohama, Japan in August 2008. In September 2013 at the 20th International Congress of Nutrition ICN), he received the “The 2013 IUNS Lifetime Achievement Award” from the International Union of Nutritional Science. This award has been given every 4 years to a person who has exceptionally contributions in nutrition at national, regional and global levels.

Plenary Lecture 5

Wednesday, 17 May 2017, 9.30am – 10.00am

Prof Dr Le Thi Hop

President of Vietnam Nutrition Association (VINUTAS)

“Tackling the Changing Nutrition Scene in Vietnam: Success and Challenges”

Prof. Le Thi Hop is currently the President of Vietnam Nutrition Association (VINUTAS), Vietnam and was formerly the Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, Vietnam. She received her MD at Tashkent Medical College and her MSc in Community Nutrition and PhD in Nutrition from SEAMEO - University of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Prior to her position as Director, Prof. Hop worked within the National Institute of Nutrition for a number of years in various roles, including Director of Food and Nutrtiion Training Center and Head of Maternal and Child Nutrition.

Her areas of research interest include nutrition, growth and physical development of children from birth to 17 years old; Strategy/Intervention to reduce stunting of the < 5 children; nutritional status and anemia in reproductive-aged and pregnant women; multi-micronutrient supplementation of young infants, and the effects of iron fortification of rice and fish sauce on anemia in female workers... She was participated in developing of the National Nutrition Strategy 2011-2020, NPAN 2012-2020 and Food – Based Dietary Guidelines for Vietnamese people of the period 2001-2010 and 2013-2020.